Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Grid-It Organizer: My New Travel Buddy

I have been scouring online for a way to organize my gadgets. My criteria in finding such organizer are simple:
  1. It must hold my things firmly in place
  2. Can be put in a bag without taking up a lot of space
  3. Must have a zippered storage
  4. Unique
I found it at Wellmanson's, which is known for selling a lot of useful things. I even bought their packing cube!

Grid-It Organizer is a must travel companion because it makes things easier. I hate going through my bag just to look for my earphone, my chargers and my pocket Wi-Fi. With Grid-It Organizer, it simply hold my things in place. I am contemplating on buying another once I learn how to doodling. I am going to puts a lots of pens and crafts materials.

My Grid It Organizer! There is still space for my new Romoss Sense 6 20000mAh powerbank!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

LDR Diary #1

A few minutes ago, my fiance has finally landed in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have been tracking his flight with the help of FlightAware App. Though Labsie hasn't yet message/update any of us as of this moment still you felt exhilarated by simply following that little plane on your screen.

It is no joke that long distance is hard especially if you are the touch-feely type, but thanks to technology its makes everything seems easier. Last night, Labsie and I saw each other via Facetime, he was still in Taipei then and was strolling through the airport. I don't know if he eventually bought that Nike cap knowing Labsie, maybe he did. Moreover, hearing and seeing him happy through video chat makes me happy too.

As he will be adjusting to the life in Canada, we are going to put wedding planning on hold, but eventually, we'll get to that. His work is the main priority for now so that we can have the life that he always envision for us.

FlightAware-Tracking Labsie Flight

Monday, 6 July 2015

Road Trip to Bicol

We (Labsie, Labsie's Dad and I) went on a road trip to Bicol on Thursday night. Our trip involves lots of car flying into oblivion, and muddy roads, and non-stop winding road. It was an experience. The purpose of the trip is for Papa Jo (Labsie's Dad) to meet my parents and to talk about our plans for the future (i.e. wedding and marriage).
As I inform you in the previous blog post, Labsie will be going to Canada. He is schedule to depart on July 21 so there will be a lots of emails, letters and Skype. And I am going to miss him big time! But not to worry, we have plans, my only hope is that we'll succeed. 

Back to our Bicol Trip, since most of the time my trip to Bicol was a blur because I always fell asleep during the car ride, this time I am awake the whole time. It was actually Tito Jojo first time in Bicol. Upon arriving at the early hours of 5:00 am in Tabaco, Labsie and his father proceeded to hotel to rest. While I reactivate my COMELEC registration so that I will be able to vote on next year national election. All of us have our lunch at home. Papa served Bicol express, Humba, and Laing. We then took a side trip to Mayon's Resthouse. It was windy and you could practically hear the wind howling. Because it was chilly we went to Noks for Lomi to warm us up.

We are schedule to go back to Manila on Saturday afternoon, so we went to Amater Spring Resort to enjoy nature swim. The water was cold and clear. Then we have our lunch again at our house, this time its seaweed (latok) and tuna fish. Fresh Buko Juice was also served. 

It is a good thing that Labsie make time to go to Bicol before he went to Canada so that my parents were aware of our plans.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Reading Marathon

Reading is dreaming with open eyes
I've always love to read books. 

When I was a baby toddling along I always have my hardbound ABC book with me. Mama would patiently read me through ABCs and phrases until I was able to read without assistance. During the summer of 1997, I was already reading Baby-Sitters Club by Ann M. Martin at the age of 7 (never would I dream that Mama would be annoyed with me because I read to much. But then, who doesn't when one forget to eat and sleep). I would go on an adventure full of mystery and problem solving with Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and the Bobbsey Twins.

In high school, I have an on-off love affair with Sweet Valley. During this time, I also fell in love with literature and short stories, however, I detest reading technical books (i.e. math, science, accounting, etc.). Mama also gifted me with a set of encyclopedia and a big dictionary (I still use the dictionary to this day).

I am by nature not intelligent. I don't even have a photographic memory nor was I able to retain the information that I read, what more, I don't even have a perfect grammar (need practice on this one)! Can you believe it? I just love to read. Reading for me is a pleasure. I was able to travel to another place without moving (I would very much like a chance to see the world on foot).

Reading has always been a constant in my life. I remember one time during my university years, I brought a Harry Potter book and read it in class instead listening to my professor's lecture about partnership and equities. The professor swooped down and confiscated my book until the end of the class. So reading was done at home at a leisure time. I would also buy a LOT of second hand novels near school. During semester break I would to my heart's content. 

I was out of school for many years now, and I don't read as much as before. Right now, instead of books I have e-books (digital books). I have thousand in collections most of which I haven't read yet. So, I still have lot of adventure to explore, more characters to meet and more love and friendship to treasure.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Santacruzan at DBM

As part of DBM 79th Anniversary, the BMB-A decides to enter the Santacurzan Summer Fiesta. However rules must be followed. First, it must be made of recycled office supplies. Second, must be wearable. And last, it must be unique (points for creativity).

The BMB-A's fashion committee came up with these upon research off on the internet.

Then we came up with these (me wearing the gown).

I made the flowers you see on my head, waist and skirt. My earrings were made of paper clips by putting a double adhesive tape in my ears. (ouch!)

In the end, I won the 3rd place and get to take home a whooping Php 3,000 which I shared with my officemates.