Thursday, 10 April 2014

Pagudpud-Laoag-Vigan Tour

One of the perks of being a government employee is that we get to experience out-of-town yearly assessment within the country with minimal expenses. This year, our assessment was held at Pagudpud, Laoag City, and Vigan City, to explore the hidden jewels of the north.

Our first stop is Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, also known as Burgos Lighthouse. It is a cultural heritage located at Burgos, Ilocos Norte.

Located a few minutes further from the lighthouse is the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation.

Bangui Wind Farm is also a sight to behold. Arranged in a single file 20 on shore turbines are spaced 1,070 feet apart facing the South China Sea.

I also get a chance to passed by the 4th longest bridge in the world - Patapat Bridge.

Villa Carlina Resort located at Saud, Pagudpud was a nice resort. Although it lack certain amenities such as swimming pool, function hall and game room. It exudes the ambiance of primitive provincial life.

Sand Dunes is a must try sports in Ilocos Norte.It only cost Php 500 each person. Sadly I don't have a decent picture of me sliding down the sands.

We also get to spends our second night at Palacio de Laoag. For night time strolls, you can get a tricycle to the city park for only Php 15 per person.

Ilocos was also famous for its churches.

You can't go to Vigan City without visiting its famous Calle Crisologo. Although some would say that its street is magical during the night.


Our last stop was Baluarte Hills owned by Chavit Singson. I didn't get to explore much of the place because it was stifling hot but I get to take picture with these two lovelies.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

23 Qualities of a Guy Worth Dating

  1. He loves God.
  2. He is driven.
  3. He is goal oriented
  4. He is chivalrous.
  5. He is supportive.
  6. He is honest.
  7. He respects his parents.
  8. He respects your purity.
  9. He shows patience.
  10. He puts God first.
  11. He is reliable.
  12. He is trustworthy.
  13. He is someone you are attracted to.
  14. He is always willing to help those in need.
  15. He will pray for you.
  16. He manages his finances well.
  17. He has a good reputation.
  18. He is willing to work hard to provide.
  19. He doesn't make hasty decisions.
  20. He doesn't have a foul mouth.
  21. He has a good manners.
  22. He is willing to protect you.
  23. He is always thinking on the bright side.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

22 Incredible Diagrams for Mom to Be

Source: Buzzfeed

  1. Use this chart to gauge how much exercise is appropriate during pregnancy.
  2. Practice your posture.
  3. What's in the hospital bag?
  4. The bare necessities (also what to ask for on your baby registry).
  5. Learn how to swaddle the babe.
  6. What to eat while breast-feeding:
  7. A simple child harness safety guide
  8. More tips for rear facing car seat.
  9. Know your infant CPR
  10. Baby reflexology guide
  11. Sizing charts for popular baby clothing brands makes shopping infinitely easier
  12. A simple nutrition guide
  13. Teething Chart
  14. Baby Proofing Checklist
  15. What your baby is communicating to you
  16. A newborn survival guide
  17. Stages of teething
  18. The formula feeding guide
  19. What to feed your baby at different stage
  20. Weaning Chart (download it here)
  21. Use this chart to determine how much sleep is appropriate for your child
  22. What to expect from your baby's development

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Journey On Becoming A Triathlete

Three years ago, JR and I started our first run together at University of Santo Tomas as part of our bonding activities. Sometimes, we would run at JR's place during weekends to save on money and energy (JR usually has work during weekends, thus I would go to his place, and we can’t afford to have a date at malls every time we go out). I always tend to surpass JR during our little run. Little by little, I began to notice JR's endurance became longer and stronger. Then on December 9, 2012, JR and I, together with my siblings, ran Milo Marathon at SM MOA Pasay. Since then, he began to train himself more and entered into running races. Depending on his training, he would run 5k, 10k and on a good day – a 21k.

Our first run at UST
He likes put variation on his training. After taking a run, we would rode on a bike. Personally, I like riding on a bike better than running because I get tired easily. JR also began reading books/magazines and browsing the webs about running and biking. He would research anything from prolonging his endurance to increasing his strength. For those who knew him, he doesn't like to read very much, but JR meticulously go through pages of pages of the magazines and books that he and I brought, since I refused to read for him. Reading has become his relaxing habit (don’t ever lend him any books that’s not related to his interest!).

Biking around the subdivision
JR was never a fan of routine. He would always look for some ways to train and challenge himself. So he enrolled in a swimming lesson at Bert Lozada to learn the basic of swimming and little did he know, he was preparing himself to become a triathlete. Watching him improved session after session made me proud of him because every stroke he makes, seems to make a difference to his confidence. Mostly, I just want to watch him smile and absorbs all lessons that the instructor made him do.

For someone whose working hours is erratic, he always finds time to train. On his off days we would see him swimming away at YMCA or at some other pools. He says it was the only way for him to relax, so, I didn't budge him to take a rest on his off days. All those hard works, discipline and perseverance paid off. No longer a lanky boy – he was now a triathlete. Added to that, he was also full of knowledge and wisdom.

He joins TriUnited 2014, his first triathlon event. He joins not because he wants to compete, but to enjoy the experience.  I am proud to say that he finished the race with no glitch at all.

I am proud of the man he become. He was always so full of energy it's no wonder he chose this kind of sports. And what's my role in all of this? I am always waiting at the finish line to cheer him on.

TriUnited - JR finally a TRIATHLETE

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How To Make Your Relationship Work

Being in love is the most cherished and pure feeling in a person’s life.
The foundations of our emotional and mental stability are termed as relationships. No human can remain in isolation for long, and it is this need of connecting with people that helps us to survive and enjoy the web of life. The modern relationships have a different meaning all together. “Gone are the days where you dated in high school or college and then he slapped a ring on your finger after graduation.” The present generation relationships are often meaningless, short lived and at times only use and throw. The true essence of love seems to be lost somewhere. For, the now generation love is blended with lust and in this process they tend to loose on their morals and ethics. Ridiculously high expectations from each other render the relationship baseless and increase on the depression rate.

How to make your relationship work:

  1. Never use your relationships as a means to fulfil your expectations.
  2. Acknowledge the other person’s individuality. Grow and let grow.
  3. Don’t doubt the other person’s love all the time. Trust is an essential ingredient to a successful relationship.
  4. Step beyond the “me first” conflicts and feel the oneness of the universe.
  5. Check where you went wrong, rather than finding faults in the other person. Listen to each other as communication strengthens a relationship.
  6. Take the first step in resolving a conflict without worrying who is right and who is not.
  7. Love and trust yourself, and don’t depend on the other person. Neither let the other person depend on you.

Love abides in everybody, and we need to learn how to value and respect people. Love has lost it’s meaning in this fast paced world, and we need to recreate the passion of love. Value, care and forgive and make the world believe that there is nothing more beautiful in this world than to love and be loved.

Since ages lot has been said and written about love but what makes this particulars emotion so important in our lives. Love is a wonderful for it inculcates within us different emotions such as hope, longing and the dream to provide our near and dear ones with a good life. When we talk about love different people have different opinions but all of us agree to the fact it creates a positive reaction specially when you know you’re being loved by some one and you love some one. It knows no boundaries and most importantly it can’t be confined in water tight compartments of single and universal definitions or formulas. A person can love his country while others can share a special relation with any kind of material entities, animals, or activities. 

When we talk About Love Relationships Interpersonal love defines such kind of love as it is confined between two individuals as it is a simple liking for another and characterized by strong interpersonal relationships. Such is usually seen l between family members, friends, and couples who share a mutual understanding and co-operation.

For the ones in love, everyday in the calendar is a celebration of warmth and togetherness. Everyday holds a new promise of love and gives a new reason to love. However, there some special gestures that perhaps are reserved for Valentines Day only. All of us sure have heard of “Valentine Specials”. There is no fixed category as to what they are or what they can be. Anything you plan for your beloved adding romance, care and magic in it becomes a Valentine gifts or special act. More than the “wow” that your beloved utters, it’s the sparkle in the eyes and the childlike grin that touches you the most. As lovers proudly claim, it’s these expressions that make them plan something special for their partners.