Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A Heightened Masungi Georeserve Adventure

When I first heard about Masungi Georeserve from my officemates, I was intrigued. Masungi has been a talk of the seasoned hikers and adventurers. It was only on June 24 (Manila Day) that we were able to experience what it has to offer.

Now, getting a reservation at Masungi Georeserve was no easy feat. For you to be able to get there, you must first view their availability on their website here. In addition, they only cater to limited group of people per day so finding a slot during weekend was hard and no walk in allowed. Good thing is Manila Day is just around the corner and it fall on weekdays.

The Masungi Discovery Trail will take you around 3-4 hours hike. It was breathtaking and exhilarating! Unfortunately, you won't be able to post as much pictures while in the area because of weak telecommunication signal. I was having panic attack the whole time I wasn't able to update Labsie as much as I want to.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Booked: Venue, Couture, Coordinator, L/S and HMUA

It's been a productive month so far. I already booked a lot of supplier considering our wedding is still months away.

Venue is one of the major suppliers in my list. We have visit a lot of venues around Pasay but Le Pavillion was the one that stand out the most. Sure, its not as elegant as Blue Leaf Filipinas, nor as charming like that of 1Esplanade. But its one of the most affordable that's near our church and its big enough for 200 guests. (I hate cramped space!) 

The whole place has the capacity of  1,000 guests for banquet seating. Since 1,000 is to big we only opt for half venue which is good for 350 guests.

For my Bridal Gown we went to Divisoria. I was not that particular when it comes to gown since I will be using it for only a day. What I have in mind is flowy and lot of tulle that can be used again and again for cocktails. We went to Mark Brides (I was a fan of his work way and been browsing his facebook page) and I love what I saw. Mark/Sarsi suggested that serpentine or mermaid gown won't do well with my body type so they suggested that I try the princess gown instead. I immediately love how its accentuate my waist. I won't be posting any of my fittings here since it will be a surprise. What's more they give me a fair price for the gown that I also booked them for my entourage.

Mark Brides
Every bride wants to look beautiful on the wedding day, I am no exception. But aside from having that bridal glow I also want it not to break the bank kind of deal. I stumbled upon Val Villarin while browsing a wedding website "Bride and Breakfast" and he has a lot of good reviews from wawies (a wedding community in Philippines) mainly because his style are fresh and not so cakey. Also he's using airbrush so I think that's a plus. I know lately that he has a lot of negative feedback due to overbooking but I am hoping that it will be resolve in due time. Anyway, here are some of the works of Mama Val (as he is fondly called).

Fresh Face and yes that's Mama Val on the bottom left
Wedding coordinator can even break or make your wedding. At first I was skeptical about having a coordinator because it means another expenses on our belt. (I even considered the sisters of Labsie to be our wedding coordinator but I immediately squashed the idea because both sisters have kids and they won't be able to concentrate on the wedding preparations.) My first choice was Imbitado Events but I wasn't quick enough to reserve my date so I chose Kiss the Girl Event instead. They have good reviews on wawies and I also take time to research the team and they didn't disappoint with what I've seen so far.

The girls behind Kiss the Girl Events
For reception Lights and Sounds we chose Rejectkrew by Elmer Bautista.

Light Setup by Rejectkrew (drapings not included)
For our LED wall projector, we availed the service of Metrotech.

We still has a lot of suppliers to booked such as rings, prenup stylist and flowers. Hope we'll be able to settle everything before the year end.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Cebu Escapades 2016

It's been 2 weeks since my last Cebu trip and my body is still sore. It goes to show how much I enjoyed my Cebu trip despite the bruises from my legs.

Organizing a trip was no easy feat for me since my friend and me included were tight fisted. In addition to being tight fisted we have no experience on how to travel. Since its our first trip as a friend I opted for travel guide because: one, we get to visit the tourist spot seamlessly; two, time-constraint; and lastly - AIRCONDITIONED VAN!

Our flight to Cebu was delayed by one hour so we arrived Cebu City during rush hour and let me tell you it wasn't love at first sight! The traffic was terrible even getting transportation was difficult. But nevertheless we are looking forward to our South Cebu Experience.

See you Cebu!
eating Lechon at CNT Ayala
We woke up at 2 am, still groggy from sleep we went to South Bus Terminal to buy our tickets to Badian. Since we need to be in Badian before 7 am we have no choice but to choose the ordinary bus and boy we are flying through the Cebu at the speed of light. 

Still smiling despite the lack of sleep
We arrived at Badian earlier than usual so we stayed at 7 11 for few minutes until we decided to go to Dolor's Homestay to catch some zzz. Ms. Ivy personally went to Dolor's Homestay to welcome us in Cebu and give to us our itinerary for the whole duration of our stay in South Cebu.

First on our list is Pescador Island Hopping. We started late because of fatigue and we are waiting for our boat to get ready so we took shot around our waiting area.

Then we are now on our Pescador Island Hopping!

Yep! That's the island. We weren't able to step on it though.

Pescador Island has a lot to offer! There's Turtle Bay Area and Sardines Bay.

Turtle Bay (snapshot taken with SJCam 5000)
Sardines Bay (snapshot taken with SJCam 5000)
It was a fun filled day not to mention it was only before noon! We headed back to the mainland to have our lunch at their nearby resort and to take a lots and lots of pictures.

We went back to Dolor's Homestay to rest and refresh. By 3:30 pm we were getting ready for Osmeña Peak. They said Osmeña Peak is beautiful during sunset.

For dinner, we went to nearby carinderia.


We don't want to leave Cebu without at least visiting the famous butandings!

We also visited the Sumilon Island and it was a paradise!

Lunch along the road, then we bought chicaron!

Highblood alert!
Next on our trip is the chasing waterfalls. We only visited two waterfalls - The Binalayan Falls and the Inambakan Falls. We are supposed to go to Tumalog Falls but at that time there is no water in Tumalog.

The next day we have a canyoneering at Algeria, Badian! Let me tell you it was not easy! I sustain big bruises and it was not a pretty sight. However, I did enjoy this extreme adventure.

Next time I'll come back to Cebu to visit North Cebu. No adventure - total relaxation.